Last show

I just got home from our last show with DRS, it was amazing! I cant even explain how happy I am that I showed up for audition a couple of months ago. This has been one of those experiences Ill remember for the rest of my life. Having the chance to get to know all these amazing people, performing and just in general having a lot of fun! Im definatelty trying out for the next show.

After the show we all met up at Studio Movie Grill, a movie theater where you can eat while you watch movies (Yes I know, america is awesome right?) Well anyways, we watched the cast videos, they were amazing! It reminded me of all the fun stuff we ve done the last couple of months. Ill try to upload it here, atleast the short version. I cant even explain to yall back in Norway how unbelievable this whole experience is. For anyone thats wondering if they might do foreign exchange next year, do it! It will be something youll remember forever.

All the pictures from tonight, and the play in genereal are not posted yet. So as soon as I get em, ill put them up here.
By the way, I had my second track meet this week, broke my PR (Personal record) on my two mile.

Are you happy now Preston? Finally a post you dont have to Google Translate! :) Tenkte å blogge dette inlegget på Engelsk for alle her borte som klager over at de ikke forstår bloggen.



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